It’s been a little over a month now since all this has began and I am overwhelmed with joy that so many of you can relate! I feel so blessed that some of you are sharing your own stories with me.


I wanted to share one story with everyone today because it made me so happy that even though her son is young and hasn’t even begun to know what dream he will follow the words “you play I pray” still have a powerful meaning for her. Thank you Kristen so much for allowing me to share your story!!!! I truly believe it will bless many.


Hi Kylie,


Its Landon’s mom. ) I just wanted to tell you that your story with your “You play. I pray.” Business touched my heart. I thought I’d share why I will be purchasing a shirt, even though Landon isn’t in any sports yet…your wording means something else to me.


We found out over a year ago that Landon had a severe peanut allergy. The fear for his life had completely consumed me for the past year. Birthday parties, wedding receptions, holidays, family gatherings and especially school parties had me in panicked tears constantly. I worried to the point of wanting to keep him home from everything…yet wanting to let him live a normal life, without passing my fear to him.


I have had a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father for a long time. I have trusted Him with many things…our finances, our marriage, my health, day to day living…but never realized just how much I was holding on to the fear of Landon’s health & safety. I saw a sign one day that said “What you fear the most, is where you trust God the least.” This could not have been truer for me.


Without going into an even longer story of how God showed me trust…I’ll just say that I have rested this allergy in His hands. He’s told me Landon will be healed someday. Though I don’t know when, I have hope in that truth.


So…I will be purchasing a shirt, not maybe for its intended purpose, but as a reminder …for my son to live his life daily …while I rest in my heart knowing God is protecting him. He’ll play, and I’ll pray.


Thank you for sharing your story and starting this company. I will be wearing that shirt with much meaning in my heart.


Kristen Baxter


I would have to think that the well being of our children is the last place many of us moms are willing to put into someone’s else hands. God’s hands are so much more capable than ours! And even though Kristen’s son isn’t healed yet the Lord gives her a peace she couldn’t have on her own!


“And we know that in all things God works for good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


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