How it all came to be…..I wish I could express every emotion we felt through the  highs and lows that we went through the fifteen years of my husband professional baseball career.  All I know is that four simple words, You play I pray, sum it up best.  Brian playing to the best of his ability and my continuous prayer for us, were the only two things we have had control over.

The 2011-2012 season was rough to say the least.  It was an emotional roll-a-coaster for our family.  I watched Brian give all of himself day in and day out, on and off the field, only to see sometimes it wasn’t enough.  That was extremely difficult for me.  One of the greatest blessings through this storm was the Lord never failed to encourage me when I would bring it all to Him!

One particular morning I could see the heavy burden Brian was carrying.  As he left for the field that day I spent some time on my knees praying for the Lord to renew his strength.

“For those who trust the Lord find new strength.”  Isaiah 40:31

Later that day, I sent him a quick text to try to just ease his thoughts before the game. I encouraged him to focus only on what he could do (pitch) and leave the rest in God’s hands.  I reminded him that the all the Lord asks of us is that we bloom where He has planted us. Simply stated,  we do our best with what He has given us. My last words in the text said, “for now You play I pray!”  Brian was so emotionally moved by my words of encouragement that he replied back, “wow I like that. You should make it a shirt!”  

Not the amazing break through I was looking for…haha!! But it began many months of praying and journaling about what this four simple words meant to us.  God started to reveal how many women were going through the same  journey. Although I was a baseball wife at the time, I felt so strongly He wanted to use this message to reach all the sports moms that may not know Him yet. 

I’ll admit that riding the roll-a-coaster with my husband was worth every second, but the tough times were just as difficult as the victories were sweet.  Looking back, I’ve realized our hardest times through Brian’s career  have been the best times which have led us to the biggest blessings. Through every storm we were covered with a peace and an understanding that only the Lord can give.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding.”  Proverbs 3:5

My vision and prayer is that these four words serve as a reminder for all of us busy wives and moms to stop and always make time to give our families the best gift you can give them….prayer!    Being from the south it is tradition that we show our support for our loved ones by wearing shirts with their names and numbers on them, we put signs in our yards, we cover our cars with stickers…..and the list can go on and on!  I hope that we can boldly wear our faith in the power of prayer as another way to support our loved ones. We can be lights for the wives and moms out there who may not know how to pray …. yet!  

Although the Lord has used our path through Brian’s career to strengthen our faith, I believe that these words apply to every age and every goal your loved ones desires to achieve.  From amateur to professional, or piano player to wrestler these words are an encouragement to every kid (person) with a dream, and to every loved one who supports them.

The scripture I choose for the ministry was the easiest decision to make! Brian kept Colossians 3:23 on a note card in his hat and would read it before every one of his pitching outings. So it was only fitting this would be the one.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Col.3:23 

It helped remind him WHO he was out there playing for and WHO got him there! 

Please share any thoughts and or questions with me. You can comment here or email me in private at  If you are reading this and have never prayed or not sure you know how to, please know that your questions, doubts, fears, etc. are all safe to share with me! I have been there and look forward to hearing from you! 



  1. As a wife who seeks to be an encouragement to my husband as often as I can, I greatly appreciate your words! It is always good to see another wife seeking to do her best as her husband’s “helper” as she is called to be. Thank you for sharing!
    (And after re-reading this I realize our husbands actually graduated together! Glad your family is doing well!)

  2. Wow! Brian told me about your blog. I am just reading it and it really struck home and made me change my outlook on things. Reading this made me step outside myself and personally reflect who I am. Made me realize maybe I don’t live for God as much as I should. I’m definitely going to change my life for the better and focus on being a better Catholic christian. Thank you for this and I’m definitely going to spread the word!

  3. Your blog is so moving to me, tears are forming for no reason. This is amazing and your four words couldn’t have said it better!

  4. You are truly a gift from God. I have a niece who I love more tha she knows who is on this baseball journey w/ her husband too. Often I wished she could know how much better God makes every journey. It is no accident that she has found you. Thank-you for listening to God’s call

  5. Kylie,
    What an incredible idea!! I just received my “you play. I pray” t-shirt from my sister. I cried!!! My son has played baseball since he was 3 years old and now plays for a junior college in Texas. Last year his high school team won the High Shool State Chamionship which was an incredible blessing! Currently he has been dealing with a back injury, which has taken him off the field….this has not been easy. My prayer for him has changed. I don’t pray for him to do well….I pray that he can handle what God gives him whether that be success or struggle. What an incredible gift God has given him and he is always reminded by his dad and I to use it for God’s glory. I can’t wait to show him my shirt and share Colossians 3:23 with him.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. I know that it’s not coincidence that I came upon your blog today via a baseball wife friends of my sons made through his baseball journey. He left yesterday for his 1st job since being injured almost 2years ago. He is a pitcher. I too have learned that God has a plan for us all, my son included. This season I vow to watch him pitch with joy and gratitude rather than a pit in my stomach. He is back and however it goes I am grateful he has another opportunity because of Gods healing and the archangel Raphael’s intervention. Good luck to all as a new baseball season has begun!


  7. Wow!! I am so glad that God led me to your blog!! I have two teenage boys who are very active in sports and when i read the 4 words “You Play , I Pray” , i thought to myself wow that is so me ! I pray every time they step on the field , in hopes that they have has much faith in god and themselves as i do ! But what really hit home was when you said “A prayer without believing is like a wish” Because i sometimes think we get caught up in asking and praying for things that we wish would happen instead of really trusting and believing in God and the power of prayer. Your are an amazing gift from God, Thank you for sharing your story . Wendy Fry

  8. Outstanding! Our family was lucky enough to find a sports ministry organization in our community that uses that verse, Col 3:23 as the guiding principle for the kids. Everything we do is centered on Christ and that verse is the driver. The team’s logo is 323 with a cross incorporated within and that is all. That simple logo has sparked so many conversations and the opportunity to share Christ with others as at every tournament, without fail, someone will ask “what does 323 mean?”. The door is opened and all we have to do is step in and share.
    Your story is an awesome one and I thank you for sharing it and for the work you continue to do.

  9. Love your “back story” and I am thankful for your product line. Please ADD some more colors to your t-shirts; namely, GREEN. I teach at LCM HS in Orange, Texas. Our school colors are Green/Gold. I saw your shirts at Vidor HS last week.

    Thank you and God Bless,


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