YPIP/ Haiti Made Prayer Necklace

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Our heart’s mission is to use YPIP to reach hearts for Christ in the same area He forever changed ours! Our goal is create items that serve as an opportunity for our customers to share their faith. We are praying that these prayer cards are both a tool to help those who are wearing it and also something they can give away. Each necklace has two prayer cards. One for you and one to give to someone who it may encourage.

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Each prayer necklace is handmade by Haitians working with Haiti Made. Their mission is be  a “Circle of Trade” united around quality products, economic sustainability, and dignified jobs to fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis. We are excited to be able to offer their products and play a small role in helping their cause! Each necklace also includes the signature of the Haitian artist who handmade it. You can find more about them at