Well I finally have Brian back home!!! And that means two things: I might actually have time to blog again and NFL football is on every TV in our house!! And I normally share my story through our crazy journey of baseball, but today I’m just sharing a thought that was too long for a Facebook post. So I won’t keep you long this time…hehehehe


My mommy duties never really allow me to sit and watch TV, but as I walked through the room fireworks caught my attention the other night. I stopped to watch what was going on. It was a special night of celebration for Donovan McNabb. His number was being retired by the Philadelphia Eagles.

As I stood there I had so many things running through my head as I watched in awe of the praise from the
 fans. I will be honest and say that my very first thought was …why is it that we can set off fireworks and yell out our appreciation for an athlete, but we often hold back for our Savior! Now don’t hear my heart wrong. My husband is a professional athlete and I am all about praising them for what they do! I could only dream of Brian having a moment like that. And I don’t know much about football or Mr. McNabb, but the thousands cheering for him lead me to think his accomplishments on the field have earned all that love and respect.  And while I think it is awesome and fun to reward such “God-given” talent, I was just reminded how HIGH of a pedestal we put some people and the HUGE platforms of influence that are created from that.

I often pray for these people with such huge platforms to use them for God’s work, BUT BUT BUT we all have our own platforms that are just as important in the big plan! God has a special plan of using each and every one of us and I’m willing to bet that all our roles are equal in His eyes!

Here is an example of using our everyday “platforms”…. (And if I have shared this story before on another blog I apologize, but that’s how big of an impact it made on me)

Years ago when I was first starting to really build my faith and begin to have a relationship with the Lord I was nervous to let anyone know. I was scared I wasn’t HOLY enough (blah blah blah) I was scared I didn’t know enough (I will never know it all, but I do know He is LOVE) I was scared people might think I lost my mind (and I have lost it, but He has it now). So in a small attempt to stretch myself I decided that instead of just talking to everyone every where I go (because I do, it’s a problem) that I would tell them to “have a blessed day”. So silly and small. I know, but as baby believer this was a really big step for me.

So I decided that my first person I was going to practice this with was the very sweet old lady (she had to at least be in her 70’s) working at Wal-Mart that was checking me out. I figured it was safe and easy to bless her day! We talked the whole time she worked. And when she was all done and handing me my receipt I just knew it was the perfect time to say it!!! As I looked up at her she said “Honey you have a very blessed day”!!!

I wish I could have seen the look on my face in that very moment. Here I was with sweaty hands waiting for the moment that I was going to be her blessings and the whole time she was mine!! The humility and joy she had was nothing short of amazing! I think I giggled the whole way to my car at myself. It’s been about tens years since that day and I can still picture it like it was yesterday. Do I think she had a platform? Oh yeah! And so thankful she used it!

Now I’m pretty sure not many people today would define a platform as someone working as a cashier at Wal-Mart, but that experience tells me platforms come in all sizes and shapes! My hope and prayer is that we don’t except others to use what we think is the right platform to reach others. I pray that instead you pray for them while using your own!

I use to think the scripture that says, “to whoever much is given, of him much be required” Luke 12:48 was speaking about monetary blessings, but I’m learning that I was probably very wrong. Yes we should always be responsible with our finances, but I believe God chooses to bless us each in different ways that provides us with what we need to do our part in His plan. Each of us has a “special something” to offer. If you ever find yourself wanting to do your part, but just don’t know what or how I ask you to please just simply tell Him. Pray He will show you how to serve Him! He will put all the pieces to the puzzle that you need in His time. All you need is prayer and patience!

My last thought that night after the fireworks were all gone was that one day we will all celebrate Jesus like the ROCKSTAR that He is!!! The bible tells us “every knee will bow…every tongue will acknowledge” Romans 14:11

After all even ESPN recognizes Him as the #1 comeback!!!! And that wasn’t for competition or entertainment folks…that was for our souls!!! Praise HIM!!!


My Prayer Today:

Jesus you ROCK for us! Let us not wait for you to return for our knees to bow!


I feel a special edition ROCKSTAR shirt needs to happen!

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