Eternity Above Now came from a season of my life that had me feeling overwhelmed with keeping up with expectations I put on myself. We had just had our third child and my hands were simply too full to keep up with the perfect little world I tried so hard to create. I’m not sure what made me start asking myself the question, “Is this an eternity problem or a now problem?” That simple question helps me shift my perspective to the things on my “to do” list that truly matter. I still ask myself this often and as a result, most of the anxious feelings disappear. It helps me wipe things off my plate that shouldn’t be there. To be honest, in light of eternity, all of my worries and concerns are silly and do not deserve one second of my thoughts. It’s so easy for me to be consumed with the now. I struggle with it daily. It takes work on my part to set my mind on things above. However, the work is always worth it! It brings a peace and understanding that only He can give!

“Set your mind on things above not earthly things.” Colossians 3:2