When my husband was still playing professional baseball I would get asked all the time how I handled living like that?…..

Constantly moving. Raising a family out of suitcases. Very little job security. And a husband that was away a lot.

I can see why my friends and family may have thought there were some obstacles in that season of our life.  I will admit that all the unknowns brought its fair share of hard times, BUT… and I mean a big BUT…. this whole raising three active kids thing I have going on now makes the gypsy life feel like a piece of cake. I miss the days where just my husband’s baseball schedule ruled our life. Now we have three schedules to remember and mounds of uniforms to wash.

No complaining here! I am certain that every sport mom out there would wholeheartedly agree that no matter how tired we are every single second is worth watching their kids do something they love. And instead of complaining I am going to rejoice in the fact that this crazy season of our life has shown me just how addicted I was to perfection. I have had to learn to let go of a LOT of things that don’t really matter. Just to make sure I am not alone in this I am going to list a few here in hopes you scream a big “YES” as you are reading them: clean hair (overrated-wear a hat), clean car (smells like a locker room), clean house (no time for guest anyways–see you at the ballpark), folding clothes (just grab them out of the dryer)….

I am learning to relax in a lot of areas, but there were some areas that would make me feel flat out defeated on a daily basis. The biggest one….FEEDING MY FAMILY!!!  And I am not just talking about physically, but spiritually as well! Every single day…. what can I feed them? Is it enough? Is it healthy? How do I find the time? Where do I start?

The constant “to-do list” pushed feeding my family to the bottom of the list every week which lead to the same defeated feelings. Rushing and barely getting by. Feeding them whatever I could, but really knowing it was never my best. I wanted to share with you a simple recipe our family loves and also how I share Jesus with them daily in hopes that if you struggle with this too it will help you as well!

I have a husband who finds it extremely important that we try our best to eat healthy. So add that pressure to the person who’s job it is to provide a healthy meal that very picky children will eat all while having zero time to purchase it much less cook it!!—sidenote: That’s a real bad run on sentence. I so wish I could just share this in person because talking is so much easier than grammar to me hehe ..sorry!

I think a bowl of cereal at every meal is total victory. Brian disagrees so I try my best to find meals we all agree on. A friend shared this one with me. You must try it!! Super easy and makes your whole house smell like you are the best cook ever!

What you will need: 

4 boneless chicken breast

1 jar of Classico Pesto (I have tried others and this is my favorite)

1 pack of Ranch dressing mix

1 box/bag of pasta (any kind)

What you will need to do:

Add chicken, pesto, and ranch mix all in a slow cooker for either 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low. I often add just a bit of olive oil and season with a little sea salt. Once the chicken is fully cooked you can shred it. Toss in the cooked pasta of your choice. Mix well and enjoy! This recipe makes plenty and is great leftovers! I am not sure how healthy it is, but I think it’s safe to say it is better than fast-food.

So now we have a recipe to feed their bellies …Let’s talk about an easy way I have found to feed them with TRUTH every morning. My friend showed me a kid’s bible app that I have been using for the past couple of years. It’s called the Superbook Kids Bible. It is has a lot of fun features that share stories of the Bible through videos and learning games. The one feature I love is the daily quest. It shares a new scripture everyday.

On the way to school our older two children take turns reading the scripture. Then we try to use it in our prayer. The neat thing about God’s Word is that you don’t have to know it all for Him to use it in your heart. And He loves when we use His Word to pray!  If you know the Bible well enough to talk about the background of the scripture each day this is the perfect way to open that door for you. If you are learning the Bible with your children this is a great way to start!

Today’s scripture was: 

” Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”  Hebrews 10:24 

His Word makes my parenting duties light! His word alone teaches them when I fall short! Five minutes before we were reading this  I was screaming HURRY– GRAB YOUR BAGS –GET IN THE CAR — Anyone else have those mornings?!?! These daily doses of Him are just as much for me as it is for them. Although the app appears to be for young children, the scripture applies to all of us.

Prayer today: 

Lord your Word tells us to not worry about our life, what we will eat or drink, what we will wear. (Matthew 6:25) Help us as wives and mothers to give you those concerns before each day so that You alone will feed us with Your truth and clothe us with Your righteousness. In Jesus name! Amen!