Who else needs help getting your family to eat more fruits and veggies?! This time I am sharing a snack time recipe. Our “lovers of all things sugar” kiddos were super hesitate about the color at first. Took some bribing not going to lie. BUT they all agreed it taste just as yummy as a vanilla shake and request it often! They love being able to make it own their own as well!

You will need:

organic green apple (just remove core leave unpeeled)


 1 cup organic spinach

1 cup vanilla almond milk

2-3 cubes of ice

To make it even easier you can prepare several small bags of the apple, banana, and spinach and freeze them! Then you just have to add the milk because the frozen 🍏🍌🌱 does the job of ice! My favorite blender for this has been our Nutribullet. I have also found it to be the easiest clean up!

If you are wanting it to be more filling and add more goodness to it throw in an avocado and it makes it thick and creamy like ice cream. Try it and I promise you will love it!