The Story Behind YPIP 

Brian and I came to know the Lord through his fifteen year professional baseball career and, as a result, “You Play. I Pray” (YPIP) was birthed.

I realized early in our marriage that I never had the right words for Brian when he needed them. I sought the Lord and knew He would give me wisdom to encourage Brian in those clutch moments. God was always faithful to lead me to the perfect scripture. After three successful years in the major leagues we found ourselves in a position we never could have imagined. We were being sent back to the minor leagues. It felt like a punch in the gut because he had worked so hard, how could this be happening? We struggled to hide our bitter hearts.

One morning, I could see the heaviness Brian carried as he left for the field. I found myself on my knees flipping through my Bible in search of peace and understanding that I knew would only come from the Lord. His Word jumped from the page and quickly calmed my anxious heart. He gently reminded me we were exactly where He wanted us and He had us there for a reason. Surprisingly, it had little to do with baseball. I ran to my phone and sent Brian a text message. I reminded him that God has us here for a reason and all He needed from us is to do our best with what He had given us and leave the rest to Him. The four words I sent him through text message simply said, “You Play. I Pray.” He responded and said, “You should put that on a shirt.” And that’s how this journey began! These were the two areas that we had control over. Brian could play and I could pray. On that day those words began a journey of true freedom to enjoy whatever curve ball baseball and life threw our way. Our heart’s mission is to use this platform to reach hearts for Christ in the same area He forever changed ours.

Our Mission

To create ways to equip parents, coaches, and players to grow and share their love for Christ wherever sports may take them.

Our Vision

To give players and their families an opportunity to know God through team chapel time. Typically held on Sunday mornings before games begin.

For the players and their families to have a chance to find the freedom that comes with a relationship with Christ through time in the Word together during practices.

For each player to discover that God has created everyone with different gifts for different purposes. Each player doing their best at their specific role teaches them that their hard work and individual gifts can make an impact far beyond themselves.

To teach players and families how to make a difference by continuing the ripple effect of giving Jesus away!