Books I Read Last Year

Happy 2018!!! I wanted to share with you the books I read last year that made the biggest impact. If you are anything like me you begin to abuse your Amazon account at the start of the year to create the new stack of books on your desk you are determined to get through. The…


Intentional Prayer

At the young age of 20, I married Brian, the love of my life, who happened to be a professional baseball player. That may sound much lie a real life fairytale, but what many do not know is the road to the big leagues is nothing close to glamorous. The endless traveling and pressure to keep your job is hard to say the least, not to mention the small salary you earn during your minor league journey makes many have to walk away from their dream.


The Biggest Blessings

My biggest blessings through this journey has been every single message or email I get for one of you!! Those stories push me through the hard days of learning curves and self doubt. When I hear that someone had the guts to share what God is doing in their lives because they were simply asked…

Featured Products

YPIP/ Haiti Made Prayer Necklace


Our heart’s mission is to use YPIP to reach hearts for Christ in the same area He forever changed ours! Our goal is create items that serve as an opportunity for our customers to share their faith. We are praying that these prayer cards are both a tool to help those who are wearing it and also something they can give away. Each necklace has two prayer cards. One for you and one to give to someone who it may encourage.

YPIP Seams Sweatshirt


Most comfy sweatshirt featured with our best selling patch design

Colossians 3:23 patch featured on the back

**Runs a whole size small**


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“Our Mission: To use four simple words to serve as an encouraging reminder to never stop praying.”